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    SD: Rudder Pedal Bracket Installation (SD-101722-A)

    ICON Aircraft was made aware of a loose rudder pedal assembly on the pilot side of the ICON A5 resulting in excessive side-to-side movement of both the left and right rudder pedals. After investigation, it was observed that, while the side plate bushings were properly installed, the side plate and bushing assembly was in the improper location, causing a lack of support of the rudder pedals arms and excessive side-to- side moment. The intent of this Safety Directive (SD-101722-A) is to inspect the location of the side plate and bushing assemblies to verify if corrective action is required.

    DATE ISSUED: 11/28/2022
    DATE EFFECTIVE: 11/28/2022
    S/N: 126-133, 135, 139, 142-146, 148-150, 152-156, 158-159, 161
    TIME OF COMPLIANCE: At the next service interval
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