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    Exclamation SD: Inspect fuel pressure relief block (SD-100421-A)

    SD: Inspect fuel pressure relief block. Replace if non-conforming. (SD-100421-A)

    ICON aircraft has become aware that a group of fuel pressure relief blocks were improperly machined causing an internal O-ring to not seal properly. Two different vendors supplied the fuel blocks, but only one vendor’s product was improperly machined. All the aircraft affected listed above must be inspected and those with the non-conforming fuel pressure relief blocks will need to have the non- conforming part replaced. To date, there have been no reported fuel leaks due to the O-ring not sealing properly.

    DATE ISSUED: 10/4/2021
    DATE EFFECTIVE: 10/4/2021
    S/N: 56-74, 76-135, 137-139, and 142
    TIME OF COMPLIANCE: Prior to next non-ferry flight. Up to 10 hours of ferry flight by owner allowed to facilitate delivery to an ICON Service Partner

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