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    SB: Flap Gast Strut (SB-112222-A)

    It was recently discovered that the ball socket (installed on the gas strut shaft) and the rod end (installed on the gas strut body) did not have the proper thread adhesion applied. In addition, some flap gas struts did not have the ball socket and rod end installed on the correct end of the gas strut. Failure to install the ball socket or rod end on the correct gas strut end and/or correctly apply thread adhesion could result in the flap gas strut to loosen. This Service Bulletin provides the inspection and repair instructions to address this issue.

    DATE ISSUED: 02/10/2023
    DATE EFFECTIVE: 02/10/2023
    S/N: 00001, 00003 – 00136, 00138 – 00146, 00148 – 00150, 00152 – 00159, 00161, 00163, 00166, 00170, 00172 – 00174, 00176, 00177
    TIME OF COMPLIANCE: At the next Service Interval
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