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    Aircraft power for Bose headsets

    I got tired of changing headset batteries and wanted two powered LEMO plugs for the Bose headsets in the Icon A5. With the A5 being an LSA we need factory approval to hardwire jacks, but I was able to take a non-powered $30 LEMO to GA plug adapter and solder-in a 12v wire that runs to the cigarette lighter in the armrest. Success!
    Solder + wire

    The standard LEMO to GA plug adapter just provides a sound connection.

    By soldering a wire to the 12v pin and running it to a cigarette lighter adapter, the same cable also provides power to the headset. No need for a dedicated ground wire, since it uses the ground of the audio system.

    Been using this for a year and half now, works great (both in legacy and G3x Icon).

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