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    Redressal of replacement of electrical fuel pump(s) for ROTAX (SB-051522)

    Aircraft may suffer poor fuel pump performance resulting in a MAIN and/or AUX fuel pump failure. Signs of poor fuel pump performance can be detected audibly on the ground before engine start after the Master Switch is turned ON. In addition, any illumination of the FUEL PRESS annunciator panel caution light, even momentary illumination, would be an indicator of poor fuel pump performance.

    DATE ISSUED: 05/15/2022
    DATE EFFECTIVE: 05/15/2022
    S/N: 1 - 144
    TIME OF COMPLIANCE: Carry out this replacement of the fuel pump assemblies listed in
    section 1.1., according to the instructions in Chapter 3 at the next ROTAX® scheduled maintenance event, but at the latest after 1 year (from the date of the initial issue of this Service Bulletin)
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