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    SB: Air Rudder Hinge Pin Under Torque (SB-062322)

    ICON Aircraft has identified that the air rudder upper hinge pin may have been under torqued during manufacturing. Torque values below 48.7 in-lbs may cause loss of rudder effectivity during normal flight operations. However, loss of the air rudder control surface during flight is unlikely due to the locking nature of the hinge pin and nut plate. In addition, the presence of the lower hinge pin and control cable attachment should prevent separation under normal flight conditions.

    DATE ISSUED: 06/23/2022
    DATE EFFECTIVE: 06/23/2022
    S/N: 00001 – 00137, 00139, 00141 – 00146, 00148 – 00149, 00151, and 00153
    TIME OF COMPLIANCE: Immediate. The action needs to occur prior to the next flight and whenever there is forward/aft and/or side-to-side play in the air rudder during preflight. This action also needs to occur if there is suspect of degraded air rudder effectiveness during normal flight operations.
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