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    SB: Garmin Autopilot Servos, GSA-28 (SB-091222-A)

    Garmin has identified that there is a chance of reduced service life of the GSA 28 servo. This could lead to a servo failure while the autopilot is in use. This failure can happen in flight with an annunciated "AP DISC" indication, or on the ground during a preflight check. In either case, the autopilot is rendered inoperable until the servo is replaced. The affected GSA-28 servos are part numbers 011-02927-00 (s/n 2PG015462 through 2PG016170) and 011-02927-10/11 (s/n 5G9017349 and 5G9019731 through 5G9021528).

    This service bulletin (SB-091222-A) instructs the inspection of the ICON installed Garmin GSA 28 servos, the removal of the servos and the replacement of the servos. Any GSA 28 servo removed must be replaced with a GSA 28 Mod 1 servo (part number 011-02927-11) and return the affected servo to Garmin.

    DATE ISSUED: 10/17/2022
    DATE EFFECTIVE: 10/17/2022
    S/N: 154-161
    TIME OF COMPLIANCE: 28 February 2023 (Ref Garmin Service Bulletin No. 22016)
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