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    SB: Canopy Latch Installation (SB-101722-B)

    ICON has identified a situation where the canopy latch mechanism would not remain closed during flight. In addition, the canopy latch mechanism could be opened with less than the required amount of force per ICON specifications. The intent of this service bulletin (SB-101722-B) is to provide guidance for the inspection of the canopy latch and adjustment to the canopy latch mechanism.

    DATE ISSUED: 12/15/2022
    DATE EFFECTIVE: 12/15/2022
    S/N: 130-153, 156, 158-166
    TIME OF COMPLIANCE: At the next Service Interval or if the canopy latch opens during flight.
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    Thanks for sharing this service bulletin! I have found this happens in our ICON A5 most often during aggressive forward slips and other maneuvers which produce significant side loading.

    We are ASN 00155, not featured in this particular bulletin, but nevertheless I'll ask our mechanic to check it out at the next service interval. (:

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